VOCO Digital

Dentistry in the Digital Age

Dentistry is becoming more and more digital: an increasing number of dental labs and dental offices are already using computer-aided workflows. Digital solutions for prosthetic dentistry can be produced quickly, independently and individually in the laboratory or directly in practice in excellent quality.


With the IO-Scan, VOCO offers the possibility of capturing precisely the oral situation. The printers of the SolFlex series are well-engineered production units offered with materials that are perfectly developed for additive object printing. Alternatively, composite blocks are available for subtractive manufacturing.


Complex technologies are combined with easy-to-follow workflows and allow a reliable production of high-quality solutions with easy handling.

Get to know our digital program:


  • The intraoral scanner IO-Scan, which for the first time allows digital subgingival recording by means of IR lasers
  • The SolFlex 3D printers with optimum print quality and speed as well as in favor developed printing materials
    • V-Print model (light-curing resin for the generative manufacturing of dental models)
    • V-Print ortho (light-curing, biocompatible resin for the generative manufacturing of orthodontic base parts, splints and templates)
  • The composite blocks Grandio blocs for the CAD / CAM application with above-average strengths.