VOCO Digital

Dentistry in the Digital Age

The age of digital dentistry has arrived.


With our IO-Scan, VOCO introduces a new technology into digital scanning, achieving what was historically impossible.  Now, with the capability of going sub-gingival, you can capture the entire oral situation more accurately than ever before.


With VOCO’s SolFlex series of industrial grade 3D printers, together with VOCO’s innovative 3D Printing materials, you’ll have higher accuracy, greater resolution and increased production speed.  Alternatively, VOCO can support your CAD/CAM milling efforts with our unique Nano-Ceramic Hybrid Grandio blocs and discs.

Get to know our digital program:


  • IO-Scan, the intra-oral scanner, which, for the first time allows digital subgingival recording by means of IR lasers
  • SolFlex series of 3D printers with optimum print quality and speed supported by VOCO’s engineered printing materials
    • V-Print model (light-curing resin for the generative manufacturing of dental models)
    • V-Print ortho (light-curing, biocompatible resin for the generative manufacturing of orthodontic base parts, splints and templates)
    • V-Print SG (light-curing, biocompatible resin for surgical guards)
  • Grandio blocs and disc, VOCO’s nano-ceramic hybrid CAD/CAM blocks and discs for the CAD/CAM production of inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges with exceptional strength, tooth-like properties and simplified working steps.