Double Fluoride Liquid Varnish for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity (Not Available in the US!)

Bifluorid 10’s synthetic resin matrix ensures effective desensitizing during bleaching without interfering with the bleaching results.

Effective double protection of 5% sodium fluoride and 5% calcium fluoride. The sodium fluoride works immediately while the calcium fluoride stores and releases fluoride over time.

Thin and clear for perfect esthetics

Liquid consistency for easy and economical application

Free of glutaraldehyde, colophony, gluten or methacrylates

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Material composition
This material contains the stated ingredient.
Bifluorid 10 Image


Treatment of hypersensitive teeth

Sealing of the dentinal tubules for cavity preparations or on sensitive root surfaces

Cavity liner under amalgam restorations

Desensitizer before and after bleaching

Clinical cases


REF 1615
Bifluorid 10 - bottle 4 g
REF 1616
Bifluorid 10 - bottle 10 g
REF 1617
Bifluorid 10 - bottle 3 x 10 g
REF 1618
Bifluorid 10 - SingleDose 50 pcs
REF 1619
Bifluorid 10 - SingleDose 200 pcs
REF 1032
Bifluorid 10 - Solvent - bottle 10 ml
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