Fluoride varnish for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity

Immediately desensitising

Formation of a protective coat against thermal and mechanical influences

Transparent – no discolouration of teeth

Special varnish base reinforces long-term effect and deep fluoridation

Economical and simple – high yield, low cost, fast application

Dries quickly


Contains 5 % sodium fluoride (equal to 22,600 ppm fluoride) and 5 % calcium fluoride

  • 22,600 ppm
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Fluoride content
This product contains the indicated level of fluoride. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Bifluorid 10


Treatment of all hypersensitivities (dentine hypersensitivity) including:

hypersensitivities of cervical areas and crown margins

hypersensitivity after professional cleaning and calculus removal

hypersensitivity of tooth surfaces after preparation and / or grinding

hypersensitivity due to worn occlusal surfaces and teeth carrying clasps

hypersensitivity after injury of the enamel (e.g. fractures, chipping)

sealing of cavity ma rgins after restoration, especially after the etching technique has been employed

as dentine protection/lining under amalgam fillings

Clinical cases


REF 1615
Bottle 4 g, Solvent bottle 10 ml
REF 1616
Bottle 10 g
REF 1617
Bottle 3 × 10 g, Solvent bottle 10 ml, Pele Tim No. 1
REF 1618
SingleDose 50 pcs., accessories
REF 1619
SingleDose 200 pcs., accessories
REF 1032
Solvent bottle 10 ml
REF 2338
Brush holder for VOCO disposable dental brushes and Micro Tim, 5 pcs.
REF 2249
Micro Tim, fine application brushes, 100 pcs.
REF 2252
Pele Tim, No. 1, 3.000 × ø 4 mm
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