Time Optimized VPS Impression System

Excellent flow without slumping

Up to 2-minutes of adjustable working time gives control over the pace of the procedure, while the abbreviated 2-minutes thermo-activated set time, saves time and improves patient comfort

Setting times of the light body wash and heavy body tray materials are synchronized (match)

The rapid snap set reduces the time in the critical zone by up to 50% minimizing potential distortion due to human error resulting in less re-takes

Due to its low polyether-like contact angle of less than 10°, V-Posil’s superior hydrophilicity displaces fluids (saliva, blood etc.) creating an enhanced contact to the dental anatomy – yielding more precise impressions

Lab technicians will appreciate the post-set hydrophilicity (<6° contact angle) which allows for more accurate stone models and better fitting restorations

Exceptional tear strength and elastic recovery ensures dimensional accuracy of the impression during and after removal

  • ≤ 2 min
    Product Icon25
  • ≥ 2 min
    Product Icon24
Processing time
This product shows the maximum extraoral working time.
Intraoral setting time
This product shows the specified minimum intraoral setting time.
V-Posil Light Fast · V-Posil X-Light Fast


V-Posil Light Fast and V-Posil X-Light Fast are to be used as syringeable impression materials for:

two-step putty-wash impression technique

one-step putty-wash impression technique

one-step impression technique using a foil (plastic putty spacer)

one-step impression technique (simultaneous technique) using dual viscosities

reline impressions

fabricating full or partial dentures

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V-Posil Light Fast Cartridge 10 x 50 ml
REF 2141
Intraoral Tips type 3 - 50 pk
REF 2575
V-Posil X-Light Fast Cartridge 2 x 50 ml, mixing tips type 7
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Mixing Tips type 7 - 50 pk
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