Coloured solution for disclosing caries infections

Precise distinction between carious and healthy dentine

Supports minimally invasive restoration techniques

Suited for training and teaching purposes on extracted teeth

Caries Maker


Caries Marker dyes carious dental substance

to reveal remaining carious areas after removal of the visible caries

to provide a clear boundary between carious and healthy dentine, especially on secondary dentine which is different in shade

to check if caries has been removed completely

to trace carious areas which are difficult to see

to demonstrate carious areas to the patient

for training and teaching purposes (on extracted teeth)

for finding obliterated root-canals

for finding micro-cracks in fillings and margins

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Clinical cases


REF 1005
Bottle 2 × 3 ml, accessories
REF 2252
Pele Tim, No. 1, 3.000 × ø 4 mm


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