Protective dental care with fluoride and hydroxy apatite

Contains fluoride (1,450 ppm), hydroxy apatite and xylitol

restoration of the mineral balance

neutralisation of plaque acids

With high-quality ginger and curcuma extracts

antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect

All-round support of oral health

prevention and control of hypersensitivities

promotes healing and regeneration of inflamed mucosa

  • 1,450 ppm
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Indicación sobre el contenido de fluoruro
This product contains the indicated level of fluoride. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Remin Pro forte


After tooth whitening

After professional tooth cleaning

For the prevention and control of hypersensitivities

During orthodontic treatment

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Clinical cases


REF 2008
Tube 40 g ginger
REF 2014
Tube 12 × 40 g ginger


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