Precision impression material, VPS

Highly hydrophilic addition-curing silicone for maximum precision

High dimensional accuracy

Long working time combined with a short intraoral setting time

High recovery after deformation

Good hydrophilicity, even after setting, renders pouring and thus the prosthetic restoration perfect

  • ≤ 2 min.
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  • ≥ 2 min.
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Processing time
This product shows the maximum extraoral working time.
Intraoral setting time
This product shows the specified minimum intraoral setting time.
V-Posil Mono Fast


V-Posil Mono Fast is to be used as a medium bodied tray or syringeable impression material for:

Taking impressions over fixed/removable restorations and implants (i.e., transferring impression posts and bridge components)

Functional impressions

Fabricating crown and bridgework or inlays

Fabricating full or partial dentures

Reline impressions

Transferring root posts when fabricating posts and cores indirectly

Multi tray technique

Use in the simultaneous mixing technique as well as the putty-wash technique

Product videos

More product videos
V-Posil - Mauricio Watanabe and Cristian Sánchez
V-Posil - Precision impression material, VPS
Clinical Case: 'VOCO Retraction Paste' to ensure accurate digital impressions for dental crown prep.

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