Addition-curing silicone material for checking of prosthetic reconstructions

Fast diagnostic help for all restorative pieces

QuickMix syringe for simple handling

automatic bubble-free mixing

Direct application

Optimal colour for metal and ceramic restorations

Fast results due to short working and setting time

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Material application
This product is automatically mixed in the correct ratio prior to application.
Fit Test C & B


Control of precision of fit, marginal adaptation and marginal gaps of

full or partial crowns as well as bridges

inlays / onlays

cast post abutments / post crowns

metal denture bases

implant-supported crowns and bridges

attachments and other secondary parts of dentures

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Clinical cases


REF 2095
QuickMix syringe 5 ml, accessories
REF 2261
Dispenser – QuickMix
REF 2188
Mixing tips type 9, 50 pcs.
REF 2191
Mixing tips type 11, only with intraoral tips type 1, 50 pcs.
REF 2139
Intraoral tips type 1, 50 pcs.


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