Hard direct denture relining

Complete, hard relining chairside, in just one session

Methyl methacrylate-free

Neutral taste and odour

No heat development in the mouth

Good colour stability

As easy as taking an impression

Aesthetic, high patient acceptance and comfort

Smooth surface

New layers can be added at any time

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Material curing
This product self-cures chemically. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Material application
This product is automatically mixed in the correct ratio prior to application.
Ufi Gel hard


Hard, permanent total or partial relinings to restore the functions of partial and total dentures

Lengthening of denture margins


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Clinical cases


Ufi Gel hard C
REF 2215
Set cartridge 80 g, adhesive bottle 10 ml, accessories
REF 2218
Set + dispenser cartridge 80 g, adhesive bottle 10 ml, accessories
REF 2216
Cartridge 80 g, accessories
REF 2217
Adhesive bottle 10 ml
REF 2158
Dispenser – type 2
REF 2187
Mixing tips type 8, 50 pcs.
Ufi Gel hard
REF 2210
Set powder 60 g, liquid bottle 40 ml, conditioner bottle 20 ml, accessories
REF 2211
Powder 60 g
REF 2212
Liquid bottle 40 ml
REF 2213
Conditioner bottle 20 ml
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