Bundled glassfibre-reinforced composite post

Optimal restoration of mechanically prepared root canals

Simple application

Saves time and reduces the extent of tooth substance removal, as there is no need for preparation of the post site, which weakens the tooth less than conventional posts

Optimal adaptation to all canal morphologies and geometries

All materials in the set are perfectly coordinated

Futurabond U

safe self-cure

high adhesion without additional etching

Rebilda DC

suitable for post luting

cuts like dentine, very good physical properties

low setting temperature

Rebilda Post GT


Core build-up restorations with root posts for endodontically treated teeth


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REF 1972
Set 5 posts each of (~ ø 0.8 mm, ~ ø 1.0 mm, ~ ø 1.2 mm, ~ ø 1.4 mm), Ceramic Bond bottle 5 ml, Futurabond U SingleDose 20 pcs., Rebilda DC QuickMix syringe 10 g dentine, accessories
REF 1973
Post 4 (~ ø 0.8 mm), 5 pcs.
REF 1974
Post 6 (~ ø 1.0 mm), 5 pcs.
REF 1975
Post 9 (~ ø 1.2 mm), 5 pcs.
REF 1976
Post 12 (~ ø 1.4 mm), 5 pcs.
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