Flowable light-curing ORMOCER based restorative material

Biocompatible and low-shrinkage

Optimal flowability (thixotropic): highly flowable during application and handling, stable when at rest

High material elasticity: stress-absorbing lining material

Translucent and matching the shades of Admira exactly

Excellent wetting properties

Time-saving application

  • III-IV
    Product Icon10
  • 200%
    Product Icon14
  • 40 sec
    Product Icon6
  • 2.9%
    Product Icon11
  • 63% w/w
    Product Icon12
This product is suitable for filling the specified classes of cavity in accordance with the indications. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
On completion of the working process, this product is highly radiopaque. The value shown indicates the radiopacity as percentage aluminium equivalent.
Material curing
This product cures by the application of light. The stated time is an average figure. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Volume shrinkage
This product is subject to the indicated volume shrinkage during curing.
Filler content
This product has a defined filler content, which is indicated in percent by weight.


Fillings with minimally invasive preparation technique

Fillings of small cavities and extended fissure sealing

To block out undercuts

For lining or coating of cavity walls

Fillings of class III to V including V-shaped defects and cervical caries

Repair of fillings and veneers

Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces (e. g. full ceramic crowns etc.)


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Clinical cases


REF 2144
Application cannulae type 44, 100 pcs.
REF 9301
Dispenser – Caps
Syringe 2 x 1.8 g
REF 2486
REF 2482
REF 2483
REF 2484
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