Light-curing characterisation material

Reproduction of enamel characteristics

Perfect extension of VOCO’s range of composite and ORMOCER restorative materials

Excellent handling for high-aesthetic results

Fine material structure and homogeneous consistency for accurate application

In the non-dripping NDT-syringe

5 colours with opacity corresponding to the area of application

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  • 20 sec
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  • 5
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Material application
This product is available in the non-run, non-drip, NDT syringe.
Material curing
This product cures by the application of light. The stated time is an average figure. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Number of colours
This product is available in the number of shades indicated.


Personalised characterisation of direct and indirect composite restorations

Masking of tooth discolourations

Characterisation of chairside CAD / CAM veneers

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Final Touch

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REF 2321
Set syringe 5 × 1.5 g (white, blue, yellow, orange, brown), accessories
REF 2323
Syringe 1.5 g white, accessories
REF 2324
Syringe 1.5 g blue, accessories
REF 2325
Syringe 1.5 g yellow, accessories
REF 2326
Syringe 1.5 g orange, accessories
REF 2327
Syringe 1.5 g brown, accessories
REF 2147
Application cannulae type 45, 100 pcs.
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