Etchant for acid-etch technique

Available as a fluid (36.1 % phosphoric acid) or gel (35 % phosphoric acid)

Blue colouring for visual monitoring during application

Stable, non-dripping gel

60 ml syringe for keeping material in stock



Vococid is intended to etch only the part of the enamel or the dentine (in totaletch technique), which will subsequently be covered by a composite material:

for composite fillings

for adhesive luting of Maryland bridges, inlays, brackets and temporary splinting

for sealing as caries prophylaxis

for linings to create a permanent bond (according to manufacturer’s instructions)

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Clinical cases


REF 1063
Syringe 5 ml, accessories
REF 1066
Bottle 2 × 3 ml
REF 1224
Syringe 5 × 2 ml, accessories
REF 1256
Empty syringe 10 × 2 ml
REF 1257
Syringe 60 ml, empty syringe 2 × 2 ml, accessories
REF 2310
Application cannulae type 42, 30 pcs.
REF 2132
Application cannulae type 48, 50 pcs.
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