Additive manufacturing for digital dentistry

Suitable for processing various, high-quality light-cured 3D printing materials

Use of STL format

High vat volume allows production over night

DLP-Technology with a long-lasting UV-LED light source

Maximized building speed with high process reliability due to SMP technology

Patented Flex-Vat technology – increasing printing speed while minimizing support structures, saving time and material

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Sensor Monitored Production
350 and 650
Optional sensor technology for optimised production speed with maximum production reliability and constant light output.
Optional sensor technology for optimised production speed with maximum production reliability.
Information on material vat
This product uses the patented flexible vat technology for reduced peeling forces and a decreased requirement for support structures.
Indication of wavelength
This material can be light-cured using a UV-LED light source with the wavelength shown.
Format of communication data
This product processes the data format indicated.
SolFlex 170

Technical overview

An increasing number of dentists and dental technicians already rely on the digitalisation of their workflow. By integrating 3D printing technology, the in-lab manufacturing can be accelerated, quality and precision improved and costs minimized.

The SolFlex 3D printers give you an easy access to additive manufacturing technology. With 3D printing technology, you benefit from the efficiency advantages of digital designs throughout the production stage. By combining scans with subsequent design and final 3D printing, the manufacture of models and splints for orthodontic dentistry can be achieved quickly and accurately.

SolFlex 170

  • Base area: 296 × 318 mm
  • Build area: 56 × 89 mm (1 exposure area)
  • Max. build height: 120 mm
  • Layer thickness: 25 - 300 μm
  • Building capacity: up to 6 splints
  • Building speed: up to 138 mm/h, depending on layer thickness material etc.
  • Pixel size: 70 μm***
  • Precision: ± 35 μm

*** Pixel Size and Print Volume may vary.

Product videos

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SolFlex Series
SolFlex / V-Print

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SMP – 3D printer (incl. Sensor Technology)
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SolFlex 170 - SMP Upgrade Kit
REF 9110
Flex-Vat – Flexibel material reservoir
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