Fluorescent light-cured bracket bonding system

Optimal adhesive consistency provides stable positioning of the bracket on the tooth surface

Fluorescent Technology reveals adhesive residue under UV light after bracket removal for easy identification

Enables an easier, quicker and more precise residue removal step

Light-cured to give practitioner greater control over the required working time

Can be exposed to loads (chewing forces) immediately after polymerization

  • 20 sec
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Material curing
This product cures by the application of light. The stated time is an average figure. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.


Direct bonding of orthodontic metal and ceramic brackets

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Clinical cases


REF 1205
Set adhesive syringe 2 × 4 g, primer bottle 6 ml, accessories
REF 1206
Set SE adhesive syringe 2 × 4 g, primer SE SingleDose 40 pcs., accessories
REF 1207
Adhesive syringe 2 × 4 g
REF 1208
Primer bottle 6 ml
REF 1209
Primer SE SingleDose 50 pcs., accessories
REF 2247
Single Tim, application brushes, 100 pcs.
REF 2315
Mixing palettes, 20 pcs.
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