Extra hard, fast and flexible bite registration A-silicone

Optimal ridgity for precise trimming

Two-phase set: After 40 sec. the material is hard and dimensionable stable but still elastic for easy removal. Extreme final hardness is reached after 90 sec.

Firm non-dripping consistency

Thixotropic for easy application and no occlusion resistance

Temperature-controlled setting for sufficient application time and short intraoral set time (only 30–40 sec.)

Good contrast for easy identification

Convenient trimming with scalpel, scissors or cutter

Intraoral tips provide a flat ribbon of material for better coverage of the occlusal surface

No distortion in articulation, especially in free-end situations

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Material curing
This product self-cures chemically. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Material application
This product is automatically mixed in the correct ratio prior to application.
Material hardness
This product has the stated Shore A hardness
Registrado X-tra


Bite registration

Fixing of face bow registration

Location material for intra-oral pin tracing template


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REF 2035
Pack 2 x 50 ml 1:1 cartridges, mixing tips type 16, intraoral tips type 2
REF 2036
Clinic Pack 8 x 50 ml cartridges, mixing tips type 16, intraoral tips type 2
REF 2196
Mixing Tips type 16 - 50 pack
REF 2140
Intraoral tips type 2 - 50 pack
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