Tissue colored implant pick-up system with new Quick Up method

Faster with Quick Up method: Work without vent holes and excess material removal; Under fill with 2.5 mins. fast setting, self-cured material; finish with light-cured component

Direct pick up results in more accuracy compared to indirect method

Complete system with checking and block out silicone – Fit Test C & B

Low heat, self-curing material avoids tissue irritations

Tasteless and odorless

High bond strength to acrylic denture base

Allows pick up of any attachment

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Material application
This product is available in the non-run, non-drip, NDT syringe.
Material curing
This product self-cures chemically. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Material application
This product is automatically mixed in the correct ratio prior to application.
Quick Up


Self-cured composite luting material for attachments, such as ball, Locator® and telescopic anchors in full and partial dentures

Re-attachment of secondary elements such as bar retainers in composite based dentures


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REF 1625
Kit 7.5 g QuickMix syringe, 2 g syringe Quick Up LC, 4 ml Adhesive, 5 ml QuickMix syringe Fit Test C & B, accessories
REF 1626
7.5 g Quick Up QuickMix syringe, type 10 mixing tips
REF 1627
2 g syringe Quick Up LC - type 44 intraoral tips
REF 1628
4 ml Quick Up Adhesive
REF 2189
mixing tips type 10 - 50 pack
REF 2144
intraoral tips type 44 - 100 pack
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