Light-cured resin for 3D printing of highly esthetic long-term temporaries (not available in Canada yet)

Highly-filled printing material - for strong temporaries

Excellent physical properties

high flexural strength and modulus of elasticity for stable temporaries

high wear resistance for extended life-span

low water absorption and solubility for mechanical stability

discoloration-resistant - no discoloration with long wearing time

Natural fluorescence - for high esthetic demands

Easy to process and polish

Composite printing material - quick to characterize or adapt

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This product is suitable for use in digital dentistry. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
This product is non-sedimenting.
The product enables additive manufacturing of objects from homogeneous solution throughout the entire printing process.


US: Long-term temporaries like crowns, bridges and mock-ups

CAN: Temporaries like crowns, bridges and mock-ups

Clinical cases


REF 6897
Bottle 500 g A1
REF 6898
Bottle 500 g A2
REF 6899
Bottle 500 g A3
REF 6900
Bottle 500 g A3.5
REF 6901
Bottle 500 g B1
REF 6902
Bottle 500 g BL
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