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Readers’ Choice Award for Admira Fusion

Another US award received

Readers' Choice Award

For the second time, the US American journal Dentistry Today has selected the top 25 “First Impression” category products. And VOCO’s Admira Fusion is among them again this year.


Dr. George Freedman’s reasoning reads as follows: The two main problems confronting dentists when placing direct composite restorations are short-term and long-term shrinkage. VOCO‘s Admira Fusion is the first fully ceramic universal restorative material, and it contains both fillers and a matrix which are based on silicon oxide (no BISGMA, BPA, UDMA/HEMA or TEGDMA). The nano/ORMOCER technology reduces the restorative shrinkage to 1.25 % by volume, and shrinkage stress by up to 50 % (3.87 MPa), thus improving long-term integrity. Admira Fusion is compatible with all types of bonding agent and offers excellent shade stability as well as outanding balance of translucence and opacity, which makes restorations highly aesthetic. Admira Fusion is non-sticky and easy to work with. This composite is available in 18 shades, all of which can be polished to a high gloss with ease.