Clinical Cases

  • Admira Fusion (Posterior restoration with a new nanohybrid Ormocer composite)
    File size: 3,12 MB
  • Admira Fusion (Posterior restorations using Admira Fusion: a case study)
    File size: 0,53 MB
  • Admira Fusion x-tra (A bulk-fill technique)
    File size: 0,38 MB
  • Admira Fusion x-tra (Cusp replacement with an extensive posterior direct restoration using an nanohybrid bulk-fill Ormocer)
    File size: 1,6 MB
  • BrackFix - Fluorescent dyed composites for easy removal of orthodontic brackets
    File size: 2,1 MB
  • BrackFix (Bracket removal: quick and gentle removal of adhesive residue)
    File size: 0,22 MB
  • Futurabond U (Effect of self-etching dual-curing universal adhesive system application on bond strength of dentin resinous liners dentin)
    File size: 0,45 MB
  • Futurabond U (Universal Adhesives: have it your way)
    File size: 0,23 MB
  • Futurabond U (Why not universal? With a bond for all cases)
    File size: 0,8 MB
  • Grandio blocs (Aesthetic anterior tooth restorations with Grandio blocs)
    File size: 3,01 MB
  • Grandio GrandTEC (Determination of a suitable modelling technique for adhesive FRC constructions)
    File size: 2,71 MB
  • GrandioSO (Direct layered dual shade composite veneer restorations treating a high stress area)
    File size: 0,88 MB
  • GrandioSO (Direct, complex reinforcement of endodontically treated, pericervical dentine with supercomposite for molar preservation)
    File size: 0,33 MB
  • GrandioSO Flow (A complex composite reconstruction)
    File size: 0,4 MB
  • GrandioSO x-tra (Reliable recontruction of adjacent approximal defects - Matrix and layering technique using a highly viscous bulk-fill composite)
    File size: 0,19 MB
  • GrandTEC (Methods of aesthetic adhesive splinting)
    File size: 0,19 MB
  • GrandTEC (Minimally invasive Treatment on a stable basis)
    File size: 0,39 MB
  • Ionolux (Direct composite restoration in posterior dentition with extensive dental hard tissue defects)
    File size: 0,24 MB
  • Ionoseal (Effect of self-etching dual-curing universal adhesive system application on bond strength of dentin resinous liners dentin)
    File size: 0,45 MB
  • Polofil NHT (Stable and Aesthetic Dental Restorations with Modern Composites)
    File size: 0,31 MB
  • Posterior restoration with the new thermoviscous nano- hybrid composite VisCalor bulk
    File size: 0,52 MB
  • Rebilda Post GT (Securely achored in the root canal: Adhesive core build-up with individual glass-fibre posts)
    File size: 0,25 MB
  • Rebilda Post System (Conservative Treatment of apical external Resorption in a high-risk patient)
    File size: 0,32 MB
  • Rebilda Post System (Systematic adhesive core build-up)
    File size: 0,3 MB
  • Rebilds Post GT (Endodontic retreatment with canal shape fitting posts)
    File size: 0,16 MB
  • Registrado X-tra (Fabricating multi-unit all-ceramix restorations with Registrado X-tra
    File size: 0,88 MB
  • SolFlex (Fully digital workflow, integrating dental scan, smile design and CAD-CAM)
    File size: 5,63 MB
  • SolFlex 170 (Inspired by the Maya - skull and reconstruction with 3D printing)
    File size: 2,06 MB
  • Structur (Perfect provisional Restoration)
    File size: 2,27 MB
  • Structur 3 (Implants are not always the only option)
    File size: 0,23 MB
  • Structur CAD (The CopyCAD)
    File size: 0,24 MB
  • Twinky Star (Class II and V restorations in milk teeth)
    File size: 0,1 MB
  • Twinky Star (Psychological aspects of dental treatments on children - Use of compomers in paediatric dentistry)
    File size: 0,13 MB
  • VisCalor - Clinical Experience
    File size: 2,49 MB
  • VisCalor + VisCalor bulk (Case documentation of the first composite with thermally controlled viscosity behaviour - VisCalor / VisCalor bulk)
    File size: 2,53 MB
  • VisCalor bulk (Direct cusp replacement in the milar region using)
    File size: 0,5 MB
  • VisCalor bulk (Direct restoration of multiple teeth with the thermoviscous composite VisCalor bulk)
    File size: 0,81 MB
  • VisCalor bulk (Restoration of large-volume defects using a thermoviscous bulk-fill composite material)
    File size: 0,28 MB
  • VisCalor bulk (Restorative treatment of an approximal caries on tooth 16 with the bulk-fill material "VisCalor bulk")
    File size: 1,09 MB
  • V-Posil
    File size: 0,29 MB
  • V-Posil (Precise impression-taking for perfect restoration)
    File size: 0,45 MB
  • x-tra fil & Futurabond U (Posterior fillings with bulk-fill composites after indirect pulp capping)
    File size: 0,34 MB
  • x-tra fil (Posterior restoration with Futurabond U and x-tra fil)
    File size: 0,19 MB