Fluoride-containing tooth cleaning and polishing paste in three cleaning grades

Stable, homogenous consistency

No splashing (2,000 - 3,000 r / min)

No parabens

Available in three abrasion grades, thus can be individually adjusted to each situation

RDA values (measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11609)

coarse (red) RDA = 195

medium (yellow) RDA = 127

fine (green) RDA = 16

Traffic light coding: simple to use without confusion

The green polishing paste has a very low grade of abrasion and is therefore also suitable for the care of implants

Can be used with any conventional instrument (small brush, cup etc.)

Contains fluoride (700 ppm) and xylitol (inhibiting effect on the metabolism of bacteria)

Pleasant light mint flavour

Advantages of the SingleDose

Easy, quick and hygienic

No additional devices required

No spilling in any position

  • 700 ppm
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Fluoride content
This product contains the indicated level of fluoride. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.


Removal of soft and hard surface plaque

Removal of extrinsic discolouration (e.g. staining from coffee, tea or tobacco)

Polishing of tooth surfaces as part of professional tooth cleaning, prior to whitening or following the removal or orthodontic devices

Cleaning and polishing of restorations as part of professional tooth cleaning

Removal of residues of temporary luting material prior to defi nitive bonding (cementation)

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Clinical cases


REF 2092
Tube 100 g coarse (red)
REF 2091
Tube 100 g medium (yellow)
REF 2090
Tube 100 g fine (green)
REF 2089
Tube 4 x 100 g fine (green)
REF 2098
SingleDose 200 × 2 g coarse (red)
REF 2097
SingleDose 200 × 2 g medium (yellow)
REF 2096
SingleDose 200 × 2 g fine (green)
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