Glass ionomer restorative material

Very good packability

Non-sticky consistency

Very high abrasion resistance, compressive and transverse strength

Good adhesion to dentine and enamel

Very durable fillings

Continuous high fluoride release



Tooth-like aesthetic translucency

  • I, II, V
    Product Icon10
  • 250 %
    Product Icon14
  • Product Icon7
  • 3
    Product Icon16
This product is suitable for filling the specified classes of cavity in accordance with the indications. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
On completion of the working process, this product is highly radiopaque. The value shown indicates the radiopacity as percentage aluminium equivalent.
Material application
No preparatory conditioning of the tooth surface is required prior to application. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Number of colours
This product is available in the number of shades indicated.
VOCO Ionofil Molar


Restorations of class II cavities (not occlusion-bearing)

Temporary long-term treatment of class I and II cavities

Build-up fillings and linings

Core build-up

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Restoration of V-shaped defects and cervical enamel or root erosions including class V cavities

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Clinical cases


REF 1442
Powder 15 g A2
REF 1443
Powder 15 g A3
REF 1448
Liquid 10 ml
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