Light-curing glass ionomer restorative material

Excellent working time – setting time individually adjustable by light-curing

No need for conditioning of dental hard tissue

Also suitable for big cavities

Immediately packable after placement in the cavity

Does not stick to the instrument, easy to model

Fill, polymerise and finish – no varnish required

Fluoride release



A suitable alternative to the CBF technique (composite bonded to flow) in deep cavities

  • I, III, V
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  • 250 %
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  • 20 sec
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  • Product Icon7
This product is suitable for filling the specified classes of cavity in accordance with the indications. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Este producto presenta una alta radiopacidad después de su elaboración. El valor indicado señala la radiopacidad en por ciento con la equivalencia Al.
Material curing
This product cures by the application of light. The stated time is an average figure. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Material application
No preparatory conditioning of the tooth surface is required prior to application. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.


Class III and V restorations, primarily cervical fillings and root caries

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Small class I fillings

Temporary fillings

Core build-up



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Applicator – AC type 1
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