Resin-impregnated light-curing glass-fibre strands for dental adhesive technique

Additional product for reinforcing composite / flow composite in traumatology, periodontics, orthodontics, conservative dentistry and prosthodontics



Stabilisation of teeth

after orthodontic therapy

after periodontal therapy

For support in trauma therapy

locking and splinting avulsed or loosened teeth

fragment fixation after fracture

For reinforcing / fabricating provisional bridges made from composite and temporary C&B-materials

For temporary treatment after extraction and replacing a missing tooth using an artificial tooth

For temporary or semi-permanent treatment of a tooth space using an extracted, natural tooth

For temporary treatment after placing an implant during the osseointegration of the implant

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REF 1168
Glass fibre strands 5 × 55 mm
REF 1169
Test Kit 5 glass fibre strands 55 mm each, model, application aids, GrandioSO Heavy Flow syringe 2 × 2 g A3, accessories
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