VOCO Dental Aid

In the context its “VOCO Dental Aid“ initiative, VOCO supports various dental aid projects. Volunteer aid workers get involved in these projects in a variety of locations all over the world, making a valuable contribution to the provision of basic dental healthcare and often joining the mission for several weeks. Their work is aimed most of all at those who only rarely, or never, have access to the services of their country’s healthcare system. Quite commonly, these people also live in remote and almost impassable regions which the aid workers can only reach after exhausting journeys. Once there, they then face further challenges. Especially when treating patients in such difficult circumstances, the volunteers depend on the quality and user-friendliness of the dental materials being employed. VOCO expressly honours the humanitarian involvement of dental professionals by making proven VOCO brand products available to them free of charge. These products are successfully used for prophylaxis campaigns and for dental restorations, and also sometimes to stock up dental treatment stations for future use. Find out more about several aid projects which have received support from our “VOCO Dental Aid“ initiative.

VOCO America Partners with TeamSmile to Help Bring Healthy Smiles to Children in Need
VOCO Dental Aid

VOCO is proud to announce a new partnership with TeamSmile, a national non-profit organization based in Kansas City, Missouri dedicated to the oral health of under-served youth in America. VOCO has established an ongoing material sponsorship, that includes restorative and preventive materials, as well as a presence at local TeamSmile events in support of the dental professionals who volunteer their services. The VOCO America team is excited to support TeamSmile in the execution of their mission to “provide children in need with a life-changing dental experience through the power of sports.”


TeamSmile is the nation’s premier advocacy group that partners with local sports franchises, including MLB and the NFL, and dental professionals to promote their community events and increase oral health awareness within the child and adolescent at-risk population. During these events at which games, dancing, music, face painting and more are involved, TeamSmile brings together professional athletes, cheerleaders, team mascots, dentists and lots of community member volunteers to deliver oral health education, screenings, treatment, and teach those children in attendance how their oral health is linked to their overall health.


“We are very happy to join Team Smile,” said Leif Ebert, CEO of VOCO America, “I can’t think of a better organization that combines the family values of our organization with the rewarding purpose of our profession. It’s a great volunteer opportunity for our team members to become engaged in their communities and give back while providing support to local dental professionals that volunteer their services all in an effort to help local children in need. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with our local communities at both the company and individual levels, knowing our efforts and materials are a part of something bigger that will contribute to bringing smiles to the faces of children across the country, making their lives healthier and happier.”


“We’re incredibly grateful to VOCO for their support of TeamSmile,” shares John McCarthy Executive Director of TeamSmile. “By contributing restorative and preventative materials, as well as their volunteer time, they are helping TeamSmile serve children in need throughout the country.  The TeamSmile model is unique, and our impact is deep, and it is partners like VOCO that help provide top-of-the-line materials to the dentists and hygienists to make this a first-class operation.  We truly appreciate the support from VOCO.”


VOCO America will participate in various upcoming TeamSmile events across the nation including Milwaukee, Washington D.C., and others.


 For more information, visit vocoamerica.com or teamsmile.org