CAD/CAM Composite for Long-term Temporary Crown & Bridges

Composite based for higher strength and esthetics

Temporaries last for up to three years (In Canada approved for one year)

High gloss, shade stability and natural fluorescence

Excellent edge stability and fracture resistance

Customizable and repairable with composite

No need to use an MMA primer

Economical manufacturing of temporaries

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This product is suitable for use in digital dentistry. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Structur CAD


Temporary bridges spanning up to two pontics

Temporary abutment crowns

Temporary crowns

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CAD/CAM long-term temporary made of Structur CAD

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Clinical cases


REF 6071
1 x Disc 20 mm, Ø 98.4 mm A1
REF 6072
1 x Disc 20 mm, Ø 98.4 mm A2
REF 6073
1 x Disc 20 mm, Ø 98.4 mm A3
REF 6076
Block 5 x No. 40L A1
REF 6077
Block 5 x No. 40L A2
REF 6078
Block 5 x No. 40L A3
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