Highly-filled Thermo-viscous Bulk-fill Composite

Thermo-viscous: Initially flowable for optimal adaptability, then immediately sculptable. This 2-in-1 material approach (flowable and packable) saves time

Bulk-fill with 4mm depth of cure speeds up the procedure

Easy-Access-Capsule with long and narrow tip for hard-to-reach areas and bubble-free application

New TVT polymer technology combined with superior Nano-hybrid fillers for:

fast viscosity change

the ability to flow

low shrinkage and excellent wear

Monoblock concept: for one highly-filled material from bottom to top

Safe to use: VisCalor bulk's temperature increase during application and polymerization stays within the normal range of pulpal physiology*

Braun A; Temperature development inside the tooth during application of a thermo-viscous bulk-fill material; Report to VOCO; University of Aachen, 2019.

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  • 10 - 20 sec
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  • I, II, V
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  • 1.4 %
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  • 83% w/w
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  • 4 mm
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  • 4
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Material composition
This product is based on nanohybrid technology.
Material curing
This product cures by the application of light. The stated time is an average figure. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
This product is suitable for filling the specified classes of cavity in accordance with the indications. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Volume shrinkage
This product is subject to the indicated volume shrinkage during curing.
Filler content
This product has a defined filler content, which is indicated in percent by weight.
Material processing
This material is suitable for so-called bulk-fill restorations with a maximum layer thickness of 4 mm. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Number of colours
This product is available in the number of shades indicated.
Application of the material
When heated, the viscosity of this material changes, thus uniting the respective advantages of flowable and sculptable materials. Specifically designed to be heated for use.


Class I and II posterior restorations

Base in Class I and II cavities

Class V restorations

Locking, splinting of loose teeth

Repairing veneers, enamel defects and temporary C&B-materials

Extended fissure sealing

Restoration of deciduous teeth

Core build-ups

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