About VOCO

Modern dentistry requires dental products that offer the highest level of material quality and usability. Practical, efficient solutions are key. Here at VOCO that's exactly what we're about. We see ourselves as Dentalists – dental material specialists. This field is therefore our sole focus; we dedicate all our efforts to serving dentistry. As an independent, owner-managed family company we pursue this aim with integrity and efficiency, relying in the process on the expertise and commitment of our entire workforce.

At the service of dentistry – worldwide

VOCO has been supplying dentists around the world with high-quality dental materials since 1981 and is regarded as one of the world's leading manufacturers within the sector. Fielding a comprehensive portfolio of more than 100 products, we supply dental practices and dental laboratories in over 100 countries with medicinal products and medical devices "Made in Germany" for prophylactic, restorative, and prosthetic dentistry. With our prophylactic products, restorative materials in a range of classes, fissure sealants, core build-up, crown and bridge materials, we enjoy a high-profile market position in numerous countries.

A global player's ascent

VOCO began life as a small family concern supplying a handful of products to dental practices and laboratories. The business evolved quickly – thanks to on-going investment in research and development, not to mention steady expansion of sales. The growth of research and manufacturing activities and a rising number of employees saw the company move into new purpose-built premises in 1992. Following two extension phases in 1997 and 2005 the production facilities grew to 22,000 m2. The addition of a prestigious new main building, inaugurated in 2013, featuring an integrated training centre and exclusive conference suite, not to mention the research and development department's building complex equipped with cutting-edge laboratory technology, the site is now nearing 39,000 m2. With this, VOCO is reflecting the expansion of its business in concrete terms, and is in the best position to meet the growing challenges of the global market and the increasing expectations of an international community of employees and customers alike.

Internationally successful

VOCO is a company with a pronounced international focus and is a presence on almost all the world’s markets. Exports make up more than 80 percent of total sales. Every year VOCO attends more than 200 trade fairs and congresses in Germany and abroad. VOCO currently employs approximately  people in Germany, with some specialist dental consultants representing VOCO abroad – and this is set to increase. VOCO's rapid growth is an ongoing success story and is the result of a corporate strategy that is both visionary and global in focus. It is the pursuit of this strategy which has enabled us to acquire the level of status now held by the VOCO brand throughout international markets.


From the outset we made the continual expansion of our research and development department a priority. Not a year has gone by in which VOCO has not launched several groundbreaking new products. Along with the consistent development of new and innovative products, the permanent expansion of sales and associated customer proximity have made up the formula for success. A focus on penetrating new markets has boosted sales considerably. In addition to Germany and the rest of Europe, the core markets for VOCO products these days include the USA and Canada. At the same time, our market shares are growing in Asia, Central and South America, as well as in Australia.

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