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V-Posil Putty Soft Fast: For easy removal of the impression from the patient’s mouth

V-Posil Putty Soft Fast can be removed from the patient's mouth with ease – and

Only with an optimal impression in combination with a precise material can a perfectly fitting restoration be fabricated. With the V-Posil product family, VOCO offers precision impression materials in different viscosities for individual patient situations. All products score with a high dimensional accuracy as well as a processing time of flexible duration and a short setting time of only two minutes each. V-Posil Putty Soft Fast, a manual kneading putty, is the brand new addition to the product family: Thanks to the lower Shore A hardness (about ten percent lower than the proven V-Posil Putty Fast 1:1), this pre-impression material can be removed from the patient's mouth with ease – and with the usual precision.


At the same time, the Shore A hardness of V-Posil Putty Soft Fast still ensures the material‘s good trimming properties, which is important, for example, in the correction impression technique. In addition to the correction impression technique – when done in two stages or when a placeholder foil is used - the carrier material is suitable for the sandwich technique and also as an impression material for functional marginal design. The high recovery rate of ≥ 99.0 percent after deformation ensures dimensionally accurate impressions.



V-Posil Putty Soft Fast is available as a hand-mix putty in the 2 x 450 ml jar.


The right viscosity for every impression

V-Posil is available in five different viscosities, meaning that the dentist benefits from a compact system for different impression techniques:


     -    Putty (very high viscosity, kneadable consistency): V-Posil Putty Fast / Soft Fast

     -    Heavy-bodied (high viscosity, pasty consistency): V-Posil Heavy Soft Fast

     -    Medium-bodied (medium viscosity, slightly liquid consistency): V-Posil Mono Fast

     -    Light-bodied (low viscosity, slightly liquid consistency): V-Posil Light Fast

     -    X-light-bodied (very low viscosity, liquid consistency): V-Posil X-Light Fast


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