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New flavours: CleanJoy prophylaxis paste now also available in cherry and caramel

CleanJoy prophylaxis paste from VOCO is now also available in the new flavours c

CleanJoy is now even more fun! The popular tooth cleaning and polishing paste is now also available in the new flavours cherry and caramel. The fresh sweetness of cherries and the creaminess of caramel complement the existing menthol of the mint variety, now offering users and patients a choice of three mouthwatering flavours.


CleanJoy can be used to remove superficial, soft and even hard tooth deposits as well as extrinsic discolourations such as those caused by drinking tea and coffee and smoking. In addition, the paste is ideal for cleaning and polishing tooth surfaces and restorations as part of  a professional scale and polish. The multipurpose product can also be used prior to whitening procedures and after the removal of orthodontic appliances.


CleanJoy is available in three different cleaning strengths, allowing the dentist to tailor the treatment to the respective patient situation, depending on the degree of contamination present. The traffic light-style colour-coding of the packaging ensures safe use without any confusion of the products:


Red: The red (coarse) paste is used to remove particularly severe and persistent plaque in a manner which is both effective and gentle at the same time.

Yellow: The yellow (medium) paste is used to remove light to medium plaque.

Green: The green (fine) paste is used on patients with light plaque.


Treatment with the red or yellow paste is always followed by a final application of green paste to smooth off the cleaned surfaces and prevent renewed adhesion of particles. The polishing paste also gives the cleaned surfaces an attractive sheen.


Alongside xylitol, CleanJoy contains fluoride (700 ppm) and therefore also contributes to the remineralisation and strengthening of the natural dental hard tissue. It can be used with any conventionally available polishing cup and brushe.


Hygienic SingleDose

CleanJoy is available in a 100 g tube as well as in the hygienic SingleDose. Advantages of the SingleDos: The handy SingleDose is designed for one-off use only – thus each patient receives their very own product. This prevents cross-contamination and other possibilities for contamination in a simple and easy way. What is more, the amount is also optimally adjusted for a single application, ensuring no material goes to waste.


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