Fluoride varnish for the treatment of dental hypersensitivity

Unique fluoride desensitizer with sodium and calcium fluoride

Immediate and long-lasting desensitisation

Biocompatible – no methacrylates or glutaraldehydes

Transparent – no discoloration of teeth

  • 11,300 ppm
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Fluoride content
This product contains the indicated level of fluoride. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Bifluorid 5


For the treatment of hypersensitive necks of teeth and crown edges

For fluoridation of dental enamel and desensitisation after grinding single or several teeth

Clinical cases


REF 1333
Bottle 10 g
REF 1335
Bottle 4 g, Solvent bottle 10 ml
REF 1336
Bottle 3 × 10 g, Solvent bottle 10 ml, Pele Tim No. 1
REF 1330
SingleDose 50 pcs., accessories
REF 1331
SingleDose 200 pcs., accessories
REF 1032
Solvent bottle 10 ml


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