Scannable addition-curing silicone for bite registration, hard, fast setting

Scanning without powder

Precise reproduction of occlusion

High Shore A hardness

Short intraoral setting time

Good cutting properties

Analog or digital

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Material curing
This product self-cures chemically. For more detailed information, please consult the instructions for use.
Material application
This product is automatically mixed in the correct ratio prior to application.
Material hardness
This product has the stated Shore A hardness
Registrado Scan


Occlusal bite registration

Fixing of face bow registrations

Location material for intraoral pin tracing templates

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Clinical cases


REF 2038
Cartridge 50 ml, accessories
REF 2158
Dispenser – type 2
REF 2196
Mixing tips type 16, 50 pcs.
REF 2140
Intraoral tips type 2, 50 pcs.
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