Patented Application Forms

The research and development work performed by the company VOCO is not limited to the production of always innovative, high-performance dental materials. The development of new forms of application has also been successful for many years. VOCO scientists have developed many systems, including:


  • Application capsules for cements
  • The convenient single- and double-chamber Single Doses
  • The NDT syringe (non-dripping technology) for flowable composites
  • User-friendly syringes

Setting standards in the development of innovative dental products

VOCO has also taken a consistently ground-breaking approach to packaging concepts and application technology. Various patented special designs allow preparations to be applied in an extremely easy, efficient and hygienic way. These include the practical SingleDose blister, used for VOCO bonding systems and fluoridation preparations, or the AC application capsules for glass ionomer-based products. The latest generation of AC application capsules makes for easy and quick application without the need for a separate activator, and contains considerably more material than similar products manufactured by other companies. We designed the NDT syringe especially for flowable materials on the basis of innovative non-dripping technology. It allows non-run and non-drip application, thus ensuring the relevant VOCO products can be used safely and cost-effectively.