Intraoral 3D scanner with additional subgingival feature

Extreme precision within just a few μm (1/20 the Diameter of a human hair) in all three spatial directions by means of digital holography

The use of infrared technology permits separate optical examination of surfaces and structures by means of software support below the surface (subgingival)


No mechanically moved components

Compact handpiece

So-called "false-colour imaging" of tooth and gingiva is possible (in spite of using infrared technology)

IO-Scan intraoral 3D scanner

Technical data

  • Scanning technique*: Digital holography
  • Measuring accuracy in all three spatial directions: < 5 μm
  • Distance from the tooth: 2 - 12 mm
  • Powder-free: Yes
  • Camera grip / Diameter: 42 mm
  • Overall camera length: 260 mm
  • Camera weight: 430 g
  • Camera power consumption: 8 W
  • Interfaces**: STL export

* The procedure and product are not yet CE certified. Therefore, all data is provisional and without warranty

** The interfaces are not yet fully intergrated into a dental workflow

Clinical cases



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